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We envision a world in which smart, data-driven, optimally performing buildings are the norm and not the exception.


Intuitive and easy-to-use analytics-powered software that can be used by anyone regardless of technical background or expertise to begin improving building performance and optimizing energy efficiency on Day-1. 


Flexible solution that can be used on any building regardless of age, infrastructure, connectivity status, BAS manufacturer, or other factors to quickly begin collecting and analyzing data to be used to improve and optimize performance.


Product sold at a fair price that delivers value well beyond its cost, making the use of our solution a quantifiable “no-brainer.”

Our Mission

Our Mission

Provide accessible, adaptable, and affordable software and technology that can be used by anyone at any time to optimize the performance of any building.

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Chris Hallendy with hosts Eric Stromquist and Ken Smyers.
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"The building industry lags behind most other industries in using data and analytics in day-to-day business operations and performance-improving initiatives. It’s time to catch up and the sooner the better. But for this type of transformative change to truly take hold, the technologies required to collect and analyze building data must evolve as well. They must be easy to use, adaptable across a multitude of varying infrastructures, and reasonably priced to deliver the greatest and most immediate value.

At Resolute, that’s what we’re all about—accessible, adaptable, affordable—and these values drive how we do business.”     

Product Visionary & CEO, Chris Hallendy

About Us

Resolute® was founded by tech-industry veterans with extensive experience developing big-data, cloud-based software solutions for large enterprise customers across multiple verticals such as real estate, banking, transportation, manufacturing, and others.

Many of our team members are former employees of Compuware Corporation, a $2B+ enterprise software company that pioneered the use and analysis of data to build, test, and manage business-critical applications for 90+ percent of the Global 100.

We are
Big Data, Software & Building Experts

The Resolute® technology team includes highly skilled software developers, energy engineers, system integrators, and analytics experts. This unique blend of talent comprises the core competencies, skills, and experience needed to build an innovative and intuitive analytics solution powerful enough to competently address today’s complex building-performance challenges.

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