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The Unsustainable Matrix of Healthcare: Take the Green Pill to Break Free

Take the Green Pill to Break Free

Walk with Us.

In 2022, the healthcare sector contributed 8.5% of total CO2 emissions in the United States (includes scope 2 and 3 emissions).

A quick question to test your intuition, about how many MILLIONS of metric tons of CO2 does that equate to? For reference, the average passenger vehicle emits ab­out 4.6 metric tons of CO2 per year according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

A: 115 B: 630 C: 275 D: 420

Answer locked in? Good. The answer will be at the end with an eye-opening comparison for perspective. Please continue.

Why Is Healthcare, of all Industries, So Crucial in Driving Momentum?

Healthcare providers have a unique responsibility to address climate change. At their core is the health and wellbeing of communities, so demonstrating commitment will foster a strong sense of community and shared responsibility towards a healthier planet.

So Where Do We Go from Here?

Start small. Baby steps for now.

Despite the long road ahead, it's promising to see 61 of the largest healthcare and hospital companies committing to the President's Health Sector Climate Pledge. We can conclude that the sooner healthcare companies act, the better off they'll be in terms of financial and reputational sustenance. Regulatory compliance standards will only become stricter, and consumers will continue favoring companies taking voluntary action on sustainability. In fact, future accreditation from the JCAHO will very likely hinge on a healthcare provider’s recorded carbon levels.

Commitment to reducing carbon emissions is commendable, but effective planning and thorough communication among stakeholders are critical to success. Initial steps are crucial, and thoughtful actions, even small ones, should lead to compounding results.

Easy for You to Say Resolute, What are You Doing to Help?

Little self-promotion here, but we promise it’s relevant.

At Resolute, our patented HVAC optimization solutions offer an innovative, cost-effective, and field-proven way to jumpstart an organization’s sustainability journey. Our tools address waste-inherent systems by helping resolve inefficient processes through in-depth data visualization, resulting in significant cost savings and carbon emission reductions. Our healthcare clients have reaped significant savings from our partnership, ranging from $35 million across a 12-building portfolio in five years to $850k across a separate two-building portfolio within just two months of onboarding. Also noteworthy, the first client is averaging 21,000 tons of carbon reduced annually.

Our solutions free up critical funds to further reduce emissions through other impactful methods. In our previous blog post, we go through several different short and long-term sustainability solutions beyond HVAC optimization for businesses, especially those in energy-intensive sectors, to consider. To briefly mention a few: conduct energy audits, reduce hazardous and non-hazardous waste where possible, and encourage sustainable transportation.

In closing…

As cliché as it sounds, people and businesses must work together so that we may create positive feedback loops of success that drive industry-wide momentum toward sustainability. It's not enough to throw money at the issue without a thoughtful plan in place. That's why taking the right first steps, like with Resolute, is crucial to achieving lasting change.

Let us help you be a leader in reducing emissions and securing a more sustainable future. Take the first step with Resolute.

(Be sure to check your answer!)

Here were your options… A: 115 B: 630 C: 275 D: 420

For all the marbles...survey says...

D: 420 million (420,000,000) TONS of CO2 or the annual emissions of approximately 91.3 million passenger vehicles.

To put that into perspective, there are approximately 280 million registered passenger vehicles in the United States. So, the amount of CO2 emissions we're talking about here is equivalent to the annual emissions of approximately one-third of all registered passenger vehicles in the US.

Some final considerations before you depart…

Quote to ponder:

“We cannot heal the planet without healing ourselves, and we cannot heal ourselves without healing the planet.”- David Orr

See below for a diagram detailing next steps for Net-Zero Health Care courtesy of a New England Journal of Medicine publication.

Proposed Actions, Next Steps, and Stakeholders to Accelerate Decarbonization Activities for Net-Zero Health Care.

Thank you again. We hope to see you next time.

Have a wonderful week.


The Resolute Team


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