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resolute and KMC commander

Resolute for KMC Commander®

Turn your KMC Commander® data into real-time answers

Resolute for KMC Commander

How our Solution Works

Resolute and KMC Controls™ have partnered to provide a unique solution that seamlessly combines the connectivity of IoT with KMC Commander® and the power of analytics with Resolute Fusion™ to optimize performance across the building infrastructure, including dozens of critical KPIs and hundreds of other important building characteristics.

Through revolutionary cloud-to-cloud integration technology and patented automated building integration functionality, buildings utilizing the KMC Commander® IoT platform to collect and aggregate data can literally be connected to the Resolute Cloud™ in seconds and configured quickly with analytics-driven performance insights available by day’s end.

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How it works
connect building

Quickly connect a building or a portfolio of buildings leveraging the KMC Commander® IoT platform directly to the Resolute solution


Simply copy and paste a project ID and connect through KMC Commander®

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Secure Connection

Highly secure connection through HTTPS and JSON web token

Resolute Cloud

Your KMC Commander® data gets securely sent to the Resolute Cloud™ for processing

Reports and Analytics

Quickly configure your buildings in Resolute Synergy™ and access analytics and reports in Resolute Fusion™

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Latest News with KMC

Check out Resolute CEO Chris Hallendy's guest post on the KMC Controls blog:

How analytics and IoT are converging to provide building professionals with the data, answers, and actions needed to optimize building performance and deliver results.

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