Webinar: Better Indoor Air Quality with IoT and Analytics

Resolute and KMC Controls have partnered to provide a unique solution that seamlessly combines the connectivity of IoT with KMC Commander™ and the power of analytics with Resolute Fusion™ to optimize performance across the building infrastructure, including dozens of critical KPIs and hundreds of other important building characteristics.

Through revolutionary cloud-to-cloud integration technology and patent-pending automated building integration functionality, buildings utilizing the KMC Commander™ IoT platform to collect and aggregate data can literally be connected to the Resolute Cloud™ in seconds and configured quickly with analytics-driven performance insights available by day’s end.

Data, answers & actions needed to optimize building performance 


Resolute & KMC Controls


The Power of Analytics

How our solution works


How analytics and IoT are converging to provide building professionals with the data, answers, and actions needed to optimize building performance and deliver results.

Check out Resolute CEO Chris Hallendy's guest post on the KMC Controls blog. 

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