Two apps working seamlessly as one

Combining automated configuration, advanced analytics, and on-demand reporting to create the industry’s most powerful and easy-to-use building-performance software
One-Click Connection

Our proprietary cloud-to-cloud functionality and technology integrations make connecting your building to the Resolute Cloud™ as easy as selecting a connector type from a list because, well, that’s all you need to do.

Bulk Mapping & Tagging

Quickly bulk map equipment locations and bulk map and tag thousands of points and pieces of equipment, saving an incalculable amount of time in having to painfully map and tag each point or piece of equipment individually.

Bulk Rule Application

No need to write your own rules here. After mapping and tagging is complete, a list of analytic rules is automatically generated that can be bulk applied to your equipment or adjusted as needed to meet your building's needs.

Connect & Configure

Answers in Hours

Time-to-value is more than just a cool-sounding phrase—it’s a real thing, and we have the proof. With Resolute’s patented building configuration technology, connect your building before you finish your morning coffee, configure your building before you break for lunch, and begin using analytics-powered answers to improve your building’s performance before you leave for the day. Now, that’s time to value.

Currently available for the Tridium Niagara Framework®, J2 Innovation FIN Framework, KMC Commander® and Siemens.

Connect & Configure Building Performance
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Buidling Performance Fault Detection & Diagnostics

Find & Analyze

Fault Detection
& Diagnostics

Our software goes well beyond the basics of FDD to provide you not only with real-time anomaly detection and alerting but also with the analytics-driven insights and advanced functionality needed to get a handle on even the trickiest performance issues. 

Fault Detection & Alerts

Our FDD functionality, working hand-in-hand with our proprietary analytics engine, does its job exceptionally well, relentlessly working 24/7/365 to detect performance issues and alert you in real-time to ensure you’re always the first to know. 

& Energy Analytics

Quickly review the overall fault status of your building’s equipment and dig a little deeper into each identified fault to see all the associated analytic rules that triggered the fault, including fault duration and timing.

Performance Charts

Dive deeper into performance problems by drilling all the way down to the point level for each identified fault and use a variety of interactive, customizable charts to review and understand performance at a granular level.