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Two apps working seamlessly as one

Combining automated configuration, advanced analytics, and on-demand reporting to create the industry’s most powerful and easy-to-use building-performance software


Quick Connection

Our proprietary cloud-to-cloud functionality and technology integrations make connecting your building to the Resolute Cloud™ as easy as selecting a connector type from a list because, well, that’s all you need to do.

Bulk Mapping & Tagging

Quickly bulk map equipment locations and bulk map and tag thousands of points and pieces of equipment, saving an incalculable amount of time in having to painfully map and tag each point or piece of equipment individually.

Bulk Rule Application

No need to write your own rules here. After mapping and tagging is complete, a list of analytic rules is automatically generated that can be bulk applied to your equipment or adjusted as needed to meet your building's needs.

Connect & Configure

Answers in Hours

Time-to-value is more than just a cool-sounding phrase—it’s a real thing, and we have the proof. With Resolute’s patented building configuration technology, connect your building before you finish your morning coffee, configure your building before you break for lunch, and begin using analytics-powered answers to improve your building’s performance before you leave for the day. Now, that’s time to value.

Currently available for the Tridium Niagara Framework®, J2 Innovation FIN Framework, KMC Commander® and Siemens.

Connect & Configure Building Performance
Buidling Performance Fault Detection & Diagnostics

Find & Analyze

Fault Detection
& Diagnostics

Our software goes well beyond the basics of FDD to provide you not only with real-time anomaly detection and alerting but also with the analytics-driven insights and advanced functionality needed to get a handle on even the trickiest performance issues. 

Fault Detection & Alerts

Our FDD functionality, working hand-in-hand with our proprietary analytics engine, does its job exceptionally well, relentlessly working 24/7/365 to detect performance issues and alert you in real-time to ensure you’re always the first to know. 

& Energy Analytics

Quickly review the overall fault status of your building’s equipment and dig a little deeper into each identified fault to see all the associated analytic rules that triggered the fault, including fault duration and timing.

Performance Charts

Dive deeper into performance problems by drilling all the way down to the point level for each identified fault and use a variety of interactive, customizable charts to review and understand performance at a granular level.

Understand & Resolve

Performance Reports

Our software takes performance reporting to new heights by compiling, aggregating, and organizing the massive amounts of equipment performance data produced by our analytics, turning that data into concise, actionable, and prioritized answers, and inserting these answers into easy-to-understand reports and scorecards ready to be accessed when you need them.

Resolute Report

On-Demand Access

Our library of performance reports covering all key equipment categories can be generated and accessed on-demand with little more than a couple of clicks to view online, share with colleagues, or print out and take with you.

Root-Cause Analysis

Our accurate root-cause analysis functionality provides the cause of identified performance problems, allowing you to eliminate the inefficient and time-wasting troubleshooting typically involved in problem resolution .

Performance Scoring

Our real-time scoring system ranks overall building performance and equipment-specific performance while prioritizing issues based on severity and potential impact, so you can focus on what’s most important first.

Understand & Resolve
AHU Operations Report


Scores Air Handling Units (AHU) based on the equipment’s ability to maintain discharge air temperature and static pressure setpoints and identifies potential root causes.

Report & Scorecard Samples

Prioritize & Track
Action Center Building Performance

Prioritize & Track

Action Center

We haven’t forgotten the important role action plays in the performance-improving process and, through Action Center, have provided the functionality you need to make sure your analytics-enabled answers become performance-driving realities. 

Create Action Items

Easily create new action items to resolve performance issues and assign these action items to team members to get the process started.

Prioritize Action Items

Quickly select a priority level to indicate the severity of the issue and provide, if known, a projected savings range to financially quantify the benefit of resolution.

Track Action Items

Track the status of all your assigned action items from a single screen to best ensure performance issues are being resolved in a timely fashion. 

View & Compare
Report & Scorecard Samples

View & Compare

Energy Performance

Our software provides the centralized visibility and real-time data you need to fully comprehend how efficiently all your buildings are using energy while providing historical trending, performance comparisons, and rankings across a variety of KPIs.

Building Energy Performance

Performance Benchmarking

Quickly see which of your buildings are performing best and worst across several key performance indicators, including energy cost per square foot, energy savings percentage, total identified faults, and EUI.

Portfolio-Wide Visibility

Get total portfolio energy use and savings results compared to baselines on a single dashboard, enabling you to immediately understand the status of energy efficiency and performance initiatives across the portfolio.

Building-Specific Visibility

Easily access energy performance results for each building on the platform with the ability to drill down to see more granular information related to a building’s current and historical energy use.

Adjust & Customize

Flexible Software Architecture

While we deliver everything you need to improve building performance right, as they say, out of the box, we also understand that sometimes circumstances arise that require an adjustment or two to get the results just right. We’ve built this flexibility into our software, enabling you to tailor the software to meet your specific needs.

Building Performance Flexible Software Architecture

Customized Points & Rules

Create customized points to identify uncommon fault conditions and use these custom points to feed customized analytic rules that can be used universally across your building or portfolio.

Equipment Adjustments

Make adjustments to individual pieces of equipment to account for unique performance situations by easily changing the analytic rule thresholds that indicate an active fault condition.

Custom Insights

Advanced functionality that allows for the creation of custom dashboards that present important performance data for any mapped or custom point in the system.

Adjust & Customize
Centralize & Organize
Building Performance Intuitive System Design

Centralize & Organize

Intuitive System Design

One of our primary reasons for being is to make it easier on every level to use data and analytics to improve building performance. One of those levels is customer and user management, which is why our system is designed to provide centralized management of all your implementations and simplified customer and user creation while enabling you to customize the UI’s look and feel to make it your own.

Centralized Management

Manage all your buildings and customers from a centralized dashboard with the ability to review the status of all your implementations from a single screen.

Simplified Creation

Easily create new customers as well as an unlimited number of users with the ability to define user roles, permissions, notifications, and more.

Customized Branding

Customize the Resolute Fusion™ app and reports to reflect your company’s brand and identity by adding your own company logo and distinctive color schemes.

Secure & Protect

Secure & Protect

Data Security

Our commitment to data security is rooted in decades of developing numerous commercial on-premise and cloud-based applications used by the largest and most data-sensitive entities in the world. Consequently, a complete and almost maniacal dedication to data security is deeply embedded in our DNA, and it drives our entire development philosophy and approach.

Secure & Protect
Soc-2 Building Performance

SOC-2 Compliant

We are SOC-2 compliant—the gold standard of data security

Protect Against Cyberattacks​

One of the most overlooked cybersecurity threats is the building management system. Our software can quickly identify vulnerable BMS and BAS implementations, so these systems can be secured before cybercriminals gain access and make your life miserable.

Shared Responsibility Model

Data security cannot be done in a vacuum. Cyber criminals are crafty, constantly looking to exploit any weakness in a company’s cybersecurity practices. It is proven that the best defense is a model that shares responsibility for data security between the software provider, the cloud provider, and the customer.

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