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Building Performance Software

Solving real-world problems with real-time answers.

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Starts with data.
Ends with answers.

Our patented, building performance software transforms the massive amounts of incoherent data generated daily by building systems and equipment into real-time, actionable answers to help you solve real-world, everyday problems.

We understand your challenges and can help you overcome them.

IAQ Scorecard Report

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Who has time to hunt down and troubleshoot performance problems? We know you don’t. Our reports not only pinpoint and prioritize critical equipment performance issues across your entire building, but they also identify the cause of the problems, allowing you to rapidly resolve key issues before they ruin your day.

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in Hours

What good is a building-performance package if it takes you weeks or months to implement and even longer to use it effectively? With Resolute’s patented integration technology, you can quickly connect and configure your building in hours and begin using analytics-driven insights and performance reports by day’s end.

Resolute Synergy Software
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Action center

to Action

Answers are critical in improving performance but knowing what to do is only the half the battle. As with anything, nothing gets done without action and follow through. Action Center ensures progress doesn’t end at good intentions by providing the means to create and assign tasks, prioritize activities, and track to completion.

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Sound too good to be true?
Let us show you.

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