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Building-performance analytics & reporting software for Building Services Providers 

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Prove your value. Make more money. Grow your business. 

Improve Customer Retention
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Deliver consistent, quantifiable, and documented results that breed trust and strengthen customer relationships and keep competitors exactly where they belong — on the outside looking in.

Discover New Opportunities
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Uncover new revenue opportunities by being the first to know about building issues, needs, and other initiatives to deliver additional value to your customers.

Gain Competitive Advantage
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Stand out from the crowd by showing customers and prospects how your services leverage real data and powerful analytics to ensure the optimal performance of their buildings. 

Enhance Team Effectiveness
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Replace assumption-driven guesswork with data-driven answers, saving your team a tremendous amount of effort and time in troubleshooting and resolving issues.

Become indispensable with Resolute®

Increase labor efficiency ratios, deliver new levels of customer value you probably never thought possible, and take your business to the next level.

Increase Efficiency & Profitability
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Bolster your bottom line by doing more with less while continuing to provide excellent service to your customers as today's building techs retire and the workforce shrinks.

Building Integration


Streamline the building-integration process by connecting quickly and integrating in hours instead of weeks or months.    

Building Analytics


Leverage thousands of automatically applied analytic rules based on ASHRAE standards to quickly get real answers to real problems.

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