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Resolute for Fin Framework

Complete connectivity “straight out of the box”

resolute for fin framework

How our Solution Works

Our building-analytics software integrates seamlessly with J2 Innovations’ FIN Framework, enabling you to quickly and reliably use real-time data, analytics-driven insights, and on-demand reports to better manage buildings and deliver quantifiable results. Leveraging FIN's connectivity protocol, our solution allows you to connect directly to the Resolute Cloud™ from your FIN-enabled automation software without the need for additional devices, lowering costs, minimizing integration complexity, and accelerating time-to-value.

This direct connection capability combined with the standardized and structured tagging scheme inherent in the FIN Framework and Resolute’s patented integration automation functionality means you can connect your building in minutes, map and tag all equipment and points in a couple of hours, and begin using analytics-powered answers to improve your building’s performance by day’s end.

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How it works
connect building

Quickly connect a building or an entire portfolio directly to the Resolute solution leveraging FIN's connectivity protocol and Resolute's cloud-to-cloud technology

fintech framework

Begin collecting and storing BAS, device, and meter data without the need for additional devices

Secure Connection

Quickly set up a VPN, opening a direct and secure data-transfer tunnel to the Resolute Cloud™

Resolute Cloud

Data is securely sent to our cloud for processing

Reports and Analytics

Quickly configure your buildings in Resolute Synergy™ and access analytics and reports in Resolute Fusion™

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