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Time to Value in Action

I’m just wondering, have you, as a member of the building automation and controls industry, ever had a positive experience implementing a new product like, say, Building Analytics? If so, did the solution provider deliver a satisfying outcome, one in which project scope, timing, and costs remained exactly the same from the beginning and throughout the duration of the effort? Did you find the implementation process one that would be easy to scale across a portfolio of buildings and that the associated time, effort, and cost would be worth the investment?

In short, did you get what you were promised?

If you did, then you’re probably one of our customers. At Resolute, we take a lot of pride in our ability to deliver on our promises by implementing our Building Analytics solution quickly and cost-effectively while providing expected results and outcomes. We call that time to value—how long does it take you to get up and running and receive the results you were told you would get? How easy and satisfying was the process? Does the solution lend itself to efficient and cost-effective scaling to extend this value across dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of buildings? We live, eat, and breath time to value, because that’s the promise we make and intend, at all costs, to keep. If we can’t keep this promise, then we absolutely won’t make it. We’ll be honest and forthright from the beginning because a company’s promise is its brand and, in business, a brand is everything. In an industry known for failed product adoptions, extended timeframes, and hidden costs, we think our brand sticks out like a sore thumb, which is exactly the intent.

Here’s a recent example.

I am currently working with a customer that had previously experienced a failed application of Building Analytics due to a lengthy and expensive implementation that never yielded the promised results. Soured by the experience, this customer still understood the important role analytics plays in managing performance in today’s modern building environment and decided to give us a shot to back up our time-to-value claims.

Let’s just say their experience this time around with Resolute was vastly different from their previous attempt. How so? For starters, it took only a total of seven days from start to finish to implement our solution, collect, analyze, and validate data, and complete the hand-off to the customer. During this process, the customer only had to invest eight hours of labor to support this first connection to our software.

But rapid and cost-effective implementation is just the first part of our promise: “Time.” Without the second part of this promise— “Value”—the first part doesn’t mean a whole lot, right? But the value was most certainly delivered, as our customer was able to use only a week’s worth of data to identify areas of improvement and provide data-driven recommendations to their customer. This is the precise win-win-win outcome we envision—our customer gets increased visibility, real-time data, and analytics-driven answers needed to truly become a trusted advisor to their customer who, based on the affordability of our solution, is ecstatic about the return they are getting for their investment (i.e., value).

What do we get? Well, we get a happy customer who trusts us to be a valued and reliable partner because we kept our promise. And I have to say that, in business as in life, there really is no better feeling.


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