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Helping Laurel Park Place Maintain Peak Performance Through Monitoring Based Commissioning

Industry: Commercial Property/Real Estate


All office buildings that lease space encounter the same challenge: maintaining peak performance in an ever-changing structural environment, as the addition of new tenants and required space renovations often lead to significant changes to the HVAC system and floor layouts. Such changes typically cause deviations from original HVAC designs, decreasing system efficiency and effectiveness.

As one of the leading office buildings in the region, Laurel Park Place continually faced this challenge with no quantitative means to measure the impact of operational changes on system performance or the ability to rapidly discover and rectify change-related performance issues.


Use the Resolute solution to monitor the impact of structural changes on system performance, to quickly identify performance issues, and to identify building areas appropriate for evaluation and retro commissioning. To these ends:

Laurel Park Place

  • The Resolute analytics engine continually evaluates Building Automation System (BAS) data, searching for anomalies in equipment, system, and building operation. When found, these instances are captured in the Resolute software and alerts are automatically issued to the appropriate team members.

  • Analytics-based rules identify sensor and controller failures and discrepancies in real-time and alerts are immediately sent.

  • Real-time and stored historical data accurately pinpoints high-demand zones for evaluation and potential retro-commissioning.


"The Resolute solution is critical in helping us understand the impact changes have on our systems and equipment and the ability to quickly find and fix issues."

Art Fields Director of Operations, Schostak Brothers & Company, Inc.



Through Resolute analytics and real-time data and alerts, the team:

  • Quickly identified a failed AHU controller that had erroneously defaulted to 24-hour-per-day operation, resulting in wasted energy use.

  • Improved tenant comfort and system efficiency by adjusting minimum and maximum VAV box airflow limits to increase space conditioning control.

  • Is in position to more rapidly identify and replace faulty sensors to minimize the impact of substandard performance.



Located in Livonia, Michigan, Laurel Park Place Office Center comprises three Class "A" office buildings connected by a glass atrium. Each building contains four floors totaling approximately 100,000 sf. of office space each with total combined square footage equaling approximately 350,000. Originally built in 1989, the Center was renovated in 2008 with new HVAC equipment and controls. Laurel Park is a BOMA and Energy Star awards winner.


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