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Helping Laurel Park Place Reduce Energy Use And Drive Operational Efficiencies

Industry: Commercial Property/Real Estate


In 2007, Laurel Park Place Office Center upgraded HVAC systems and controls with a focus on efficiency and sustainability. After winning BOMA and Energy Star awards, Laurel Park was looking to drive additional efficiencies and savings through visibility, analytics, and reporting.


Implemented Resolute Software to collect, trend, and analyze electric,

natural gas, and water utility data and existing BAS data to drive

operational efficiencies:

Laurel Park Place Office Center

  • Installed building-level electric, natural gas, and water meters, and electric submeters on HVAC equipment to establish industry-accepted weather adjusted baseline by which to accurately measure savings.

  • Identified extreme inefficiencies in RTU scheduling and operation during unoccupied periods, which were corrected through optimized programming strategies.

  • Identified several RTU-level controller failures that we causing unintended and uncontrolled operations, wasting significant energy.

  • Implemented a Custom Insights page in the software that combines real-time RTU equipment status and space-temperature details in an easy-to-understand, intuitive layout.

  • Real-time verification through unlimited 15-minute interval data trending that space temperatures are within acceptable thresholds and that performance data is perpetually available for trouble.


"I was initially skeptical about savings and ROI projections associated with implementing the Resolute solution but, after seeing the results, I am now a believer."

Paula Goldman-Spinner VP, Director of Commercial Property

Schostak Brothers & Company, Inc.



  • Cloud solution that provides valuable insights into the performance, efficiency, and improvement of building equipment and operations.

  • $47,000 in initial annual utility cost savings  while maintaining tenant comfort. Electric savings: 6% overall (or 15% of HVAC and Common Areas)

  • Natural Gas savings: 24% overall.

  • Identification of failed programming sequences, controllers, and sensors, serving as an indefinite retro-commissioning tool.



Laurel Park Place Office Center

Located in Livonia, Michigan, Laurel Park Place Office Center comprises three Class “A” office buildings connected by a glass atrium. Each building contains four floors totaling approximately 100,000 sf. of office space each with total combined square footage equaling approximately 350,000. Originally built in 1989, the Center was renovated in 2008 with new HVAC equipment and controls. Laurel Park is a BOMA and Energy Star awards winner.


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