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Helping Laurel Park Build Solid Tenant Relationships Through Quantifiable Data and Transparency

Industry: Commercial Property/Real Estate


Ensuring tenants enjoy a comfortable, temperature-appropriate working environment is a critical operating metric for commercial building owners and operators. Tenants expect and demand comfort, and most aren't shy about voicing displeasure when they don't get it. Temperature, however, is often a subjective measure. What is cold for one person might be hot for someone else.

The lack of quantifiable data to accurately monitor and measure space conditions as well as to rapidly identify and resolve any issue at fault makes consistently delivering optimal comfort conditions a monumental challenge. Like all office buildings without access to this kind of comprehensive performance data, Laurel Park Place often faced this predicament and were unable to rely on quantifiable data to address comfort concerns with tenants, causing potential frustration and dissatisfaction.


Used performance data collected by the Resolute solution and stored in the cloud to monitor and measure current and historical space conditions against agreed-upon thresholds to ensure consistent delivery of optimized comfort to tenants:

  • Unlimited 15-minute interval trending provides verification space temperatures are within acceptable thresholds for all spaces and all time periods.

  • The custom Insights page displays important, real-time RTU equipment status and space-temperature details that building operators can quickly and easily access to proactively and effectively manage tenant space conditions.

  • Built-in functionality allows building operators to export and share space condition data with tenants to facilitate transparency and drive trust.


"Building solid relationships with our tenants based on transparency and trust is paramount. It's critical to our business and our brand. From an operations perspective, Resolute gives us the means to do just that."

Paula Goldman-Spinner VP, Director of Commercial Property

Schostak Brothers & Company, Inc.



Through quantifiable and accessible data provided by the Resolute solution:

  • The facility team now has complete confidence that equipment is operating properly and space conditions are being met.

  • The management team is able to have informed space-condition discussions with tenants supported by quantifiable data.

  • Tenants feel better about their space and have greater trust in the relationship due to shared data and operational transparency.

Laurel Park Place Office Center

Located in Livonia, Michigan, Laurel Park Place Office Center comprises three Class “A” office buildings connected by a glass atrium. Each building contains four floors totaling approximately 100,000 sf. of office space each with total combined square footage equaling approximately 350,000. Originally built in 1989, the Center was renovated in 2008 with new HVAC equipment and controls. Laurel Park is a BOMA and Energy Star awards winner.


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