• Resolute Team

Helping McLaren Health Care Reduce Utility Costs by Nearly $2 Million Across Hospital Network

McLaren Health Care is committed to reducing our carbon footprint by decreasing our energy consumption. Implementing the Resolute software across 14 subsidiaries gave us the ability to review our utility use and, through their analytics, make informed decisions and decrease our utility use; these decisions have helped us to quickly achieve an 8% savings from our baseline with some facilities seeing 18% savings”

– Keith Miller,

Director of Facilities Management



The McLaren Health Care portfolio consists of 14 main hospitals, which vary in age, construction, function, maintenance required, and levels of BAS control. All hospitals were operating independently with no corporate standards or specifications to guide them in the operation and maintenance of their assets. In addition, there was no portfolio-level visibility into the energy footprint for each facility, making energy efficiency and sustainability across the portfolio nearly impossible.

 savings in utility costs across hospital network

in combined utility savings

in combined utility rebates

​Up to 18%

savings in utility costs across hospital network

in combined utility

savings to date

in combined utility

rebates to date


Implementing the Resolute solution across the portfolio to provide fault detection and advanced analytics.

  • Integrated 25+ diverse BAS systems across 12 sites into a single portfolio energy dashboard and analytics engine.

  • Monitored building-level electric natural gas, domestic water, cooling BTU, and electric sub-meters on HVAC equipment across 14 sites.

  • Identified dozens of ECM opportunities at each site, including OR Airflow Optimization, Optimized Start/Stop, and Discharge Air Temperature Resets.

  • Established real-time monitoring-based commissioning for all existing and new construction projects.

  • Provided critical measurement and verification data for a corporate-wide LED lighting upgrade project.