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Results in 90 Minutes

This may not mean too much to many, but in my world, the below image is a bit of a "big deal" as a result of the amount of time to get the results.

This morning I came into the office (yes actually in person) and was asked to support a co-worker with the configuration of a new building within our portfolio. This is a new healthcare facility with over 5,000 points and houses over 250 separate equipment assets.

The image shows a number of enabled reports within our software that address a number of different building conditions via analytics and BAS metrics that feed the reports their outputs directly from the BAS (in this case a Niagara 4.10 Supervisor). I recorded a video of this configuration and the total time from beginning to end is 1 hour and 26 minutes... In other words, in less than 90 minutes I took unconnected raw data from a Niagara BAS, applied a software connector to bring the data into our platform, and finally used our patented configuration technology to enable the automatic creation of:

  • 7 Equipment job-specific reports and root cause

  • 265 Equipment pieces have rules enabled and running fault detection

  • 5000+ points are currently and constantly "trended" with no additional data needing to be held in the on-prem computer sucking up its resources.

I am the one that did this so it's not a second-hand success and if you find yourself being reluctant to believe the value that can be provided quickly, just reach out to me and let's prove it!


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