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Fault Detection and Diagnostics "Win"

Celebrating a win with Fault Detection and Diagnostics. I really enjoy when you can prove out engineering concepts with real-world examples. Case in point:

During a weekly client meeting, I was reviewing the air terminal unit equipment performance using the Root Cause feature in Resolute's software reports. One of the VAV boxes was indicating that it could not meet the heating setpoint due to a high DAT that was likely causing air stratification. After further investigation, I found that the DAT was consistently operating at around 150-160 deg F, which is well above the 20 deg above zone setpoint that is typically recommended. After bringing this to the facility operator's attention, he agreed to increase the heating airflow to see what impact that would have on the zone. As expected, the DAT immediately dropped 40 deg F. To my delight, the zone temperature went from 10 degrees below the setpoint to around 1 deg below the setpoint. Here are some screenshots of the before and after:

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