Helping PNC Arena Reduce Energy Use and Costs While Improving Ice Conditions and Fan Comfort
Helping PNC Arena Reduce Energy Use and Costs While Improving Ice Conditions and Fan Comfort

Prior to partnering with Resolute, PNC Arena had already reduced annual energy costs by 30%, primarily through lighting upgrades and some operational and capital initiatives. Eager to build on this initial success, Arena executives wanted to drive even greater energy efficiencies across their facility but lacked the performance visibility, real-time data, and analytics needed to develop strategies for achieving their Arena optimization and energy objectives.


Implement Resolute's cloud solution to collect and analyze performance data and use findings and analytics to develop performance improving strategies:


  • Established KPIs to track and measure the important aspects of Arena operations, such as ice temperature, bowl temperature, electrical consumption (kwh), peak demand (kW) and several others.

  • Installed a few new meters and sensors and integrated all meters and sensors as well as more than 1,500 BAS points into the software and began pulling data.

  • Programmed more than 30 active analytics into the software to monitor critical HVAC and meter operations.

  • Developed Custom Insights page to display the status of key business impacting performance metrics such as brine and ice surface temperatures.

  • Developed and implemented a set of initial strategies to improve energy efficiency and facility operations and used the Resolute software to track the impact of these changes in real-time.

"The Resolute solution is critical in helping us understand the impact changes have on our systems and equipment and the ability to quickly find and fix issues."

Dennis Moore



Through Resolute analytics and real-time data and alerts, the team:

  • Cloud solution that provides valuable insights into the performance, efficiency, and improvement of building equipment and operations.

  • $47,000 in initial annual utility cost savings  while maintaining tenant comfort. Electric savings: 6% overall (or 14% of HVAC and Common Areas).

  • Natural Gas savings: 24% overall.

  • Identification of failed programming sequences, controllers, and sensors,

  • serving as an indefinite retro-commissioning tool.


Located in Raleigh, NC, PNC Arena is a state-of the-art sports and entertainment venue that annually welcomes over 1.5 million guests and plays host to more than 150 events, including major concert tours and family shows. The 700,000-square-foot, 18,680-seat facility is also home to the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes and NC State University men's basketball team.