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Hot or Not: Economizer


Economization is often thought of as a problem when you are not bringing in enough outdoor air, but we often overlook it when you are bringing in too much! Economizers use a combination of weather-related sensors to determine if the outside air is cold enough to cool a building. This information is then sent to an enabled data point in the BAS.

In the example below, a sensor that was attached to an Air Handling Unit (AHU) and causing a great deal of energy waste was detected by using the Resolute Software. The outdoor sensor was getting a constant reading of 50º F when at times the actual outdoor temperature was above 60º F. Consequently, this faulty reading caused the AHU to introduce air that was too hot for the building, requiring additional energy to mechanically cool the space.

Air Handling Unit (AHU)

Economization is like many other building operational processes that rely on accurate data coming from various sensors, and these sensors often fail during a building’s lifespan.

Using Resolute’s analytic faults and economizer reporting, you are assured that your energy-saving equipment is efficiently operating at its maximum capability.

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