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Ready to Resolve

Stacks+Joules NYC students analyze data from Chicago Public School (CPS) buildings, identifying performance issues, reporting them to CPS, and monitoring change in performance as issues are resolved.

The “Ready to Resolve” program is a partnership between Stacks+Joules, Resolute, and CPS designed to help Stacks+Joules students learn—through hands-on instruction and guidance—how to use modern technology and data to understand, diagnose, and improve building performance in an actual facility setting.

About Stacks+Joules

Stacks+Joules is a nonprofit project-based learning program in computer programming and wireless network management. Their specialized curriculum engages young peoples’ creativity to supercharge their strengths as learners and get them on the fast track to valuable technology skills—regardless of prior experience or training. “Stacks+Joules opens the door to broader horizons, for inherently talented people to connect to the complex high-tech jobs that need them urgently, for tomorrow’s problem solving,” says Founding Educator J. Michael Conway. “Stacks+Joules works not only with female high-school students but also with young men and adult cohorts. The community is diverse, with graduates united in a shared sense of confidence and new-found excitement about joining the building automation industry and making a difference in the world.”


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