Resolute Synergy
Resolute Synergy
Resolute Synergy

Integrate in hours instead weeks or months

Setting up a building to take advantage of the power of analytics is arguably the most cumbersome and time-consuming part of the entire process. That is, until now. Resolute Synergy™ (Patent No. 10,976,068), our unique,  patented building configuration process and software, streamlines the entire building integration process, so you can begin using analytics right away to quickly discover, diagnose and solve building issues and optimize performance. 


Map Points

Bulk map the locations of equipment across your entire building, eliminating the mind-numbing and time-wasting experience of mapping equipment locations individually. 


Tag Equipment

Quickly identify all untagged pieces of equipment and bulk apply pre-defined tags with the click of a button, saving a tremendous amount of time and frustration in having to tag each individual piece of equipment one-by-one.


Tag Points

In addition to bulk tagging by equipment type, you can also bulk tag by point, using the same one-click button approach, eliminating an enormous amount of needless effort.


Bulk Apply Rules

After mapping and tagging, a list of analytic rules is automatically generated that can be bulk applied to your equipment or adjusted as needed to meet your building's needs.

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