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Celebrating Success: The Journey of Stacks+Joules and Resolute Building Intelligence

Resolute Student Empowerment: A Success Story with Stacks+Joules

In the ever-evolving world of building performance and data analysis, a group of young, bright minds from Stacks+Joules NYC, under the guidance of Claudia Puglisi from Resolute Building Intelligence, have been making waves. Their unwavering commitment to analyzing data from Chicago Public School (CPS) buildings, identifying performance issues, reporting them to CPS, and tracking the changes in performance post-resolution is truly noteworthy.

In 2022, the innovative 'Ready to Resolve' program was launched, marking a collaborative effort between Stacks+Joules, Resolute, and Paul Valente of Chicago Public Schools. This pioneering initiative aimed to provide Stacks+Joules students with hands-on instruction and guidance on how to use modern technology and data to understand, diagnose, and improve building performance in real-world settings.

Stacks+Joules, a nonprofit project-based learning program, focuses on computer programming and wireless network management. Their specialized curriculum is designed to spark the creativity of young minds, supercharge their strengths as learners, and fast-track them to valuable technology skills, regardless of their prior experience or training.

"Stacks+Joules opens the door to broader horizons, for inherently talented people to connect to the complex high-tech jobs that need them urgently, for tomorrow’s problem-solving,"

- Founding Educator J. Michael Conway.

Fast forward to 2023, Claudia Puglisi, a valued member of the Resolute team, had the extraordinary opportunity to mentor a class of high school students. She introduced them to the basics of HVAC, the importance of schedules and setpoints, and the fundamentals of HVAC data analysis. Claudia's experience was immensely rewarding, as she successfully shared her knowledge and passion with the eager students, who quickly grasped the concepts.

The program concluded a month ago, leaving behind a trail of success. The students expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Claudia in a notebook filled with sincere messages. Their words of appreciation underscored the program's impact and the value of the skills they had acquired.

Reflecting on the program's success, we are reminded of J. Michael Conway's words,

"Talent incoming! Stacks+Joules' UA Maker interns will be working with Claudia Puglisi, Resolute Building Intelligence, & Steven Crowe of NETIX.AI to learn how to use Fault Detection & Diagnostics to improve the performance of some real Chicago Public Schools buildings. A better future starts NOW and these are our leaders!"

The success of the Stacks+Joules program is a testament to the power of collaboration and the potential of young minds when equipped with the right tools and guidance. With the support of numerous partners, Stacks+Joules continues to empower its graduates to make a difference in the world.

As we look to the future, we celebrate the achievements of the students and Claudia Puglisi, and eagerly anticipate how they will continue to shape the world of building performance and data analysis.


For more insights from J. Michael Conway on the success of the Stacks+Joules program, watch the full video:

To learn how to get involved, visit Stacks+Joules.


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