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Indoor Air Quality Report

The Resolute Indoor Air Quality Report aggregates any available pertinent data points for each VAV in the building by tracking the data points metrics against the newly created "standards" for a low viral transmission environment as given by ASHRAE and the CDC.

Resolute Synergy software utilizes basic control point data such as Zone Temperature, parent-AHU return humidity, and CO2 measurements to ensure they are staying within recommended ranges and ensuring proper ventilation and airflow.

A Resolute Report checks equipment operation against the recommended parameters to recognize problem areas/zones.

See the example below of the Indoor Air Quality Report and how quickly it can validate the outputs using direct links from the Report Equipment name(South Floor 4 TU4S3174) in Fusion, the to Explorer chart creation tool in Synergy, generating visuals that take a deeper dive into the data supplied to validate the active issue and resolve it quickly.

This Report is indicating two issues:

  • First, the low threshold humidity recommendation is not met for a considerable period of the report duration. The transmissivity of the bio-burden of infectious particles decreases at 40-60% RH at the recommended humidity range. When spaces are outside of that range, there is a greater risk of viral transmission.

  • Second, the issue is that the zone airflow does not meet the minimum airflow setpoint for a small amount of time. When minimum airflow setpoints have not been met, the likeliness that the proper zone level ventilation requirements are met is reduced. Proper ventilation is key to purging spaces of viral and other contaminants.

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