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Resolute provides building-performance analytics and reporting software designed to help building services professionals like you optimize the performance of your customers’ facilities by transforming the massive amounts of incoherent performance data generated daily by building systems and equipment into real-time answers to real-world problems.

Leveraging revolutionary cloud-to-cloud integration technology and patent-pending building configuration functionality, our unique solution simplifies and streamlines the implementation process by enabling you to connect your buildings in minutes if not seconds, configure your buildings in hours instead of weeks or months and begin using analytics-driven insights, accurate root-cause analysis and on-demand reports to begin improving the performance of your buildings Day One.

Resolute was founded by tech-industry veterans with extensive experience developing big-data, cloud-based software solutions for large enterprise customers across multiple verticals such as real estate, banking, transportation, manufacturing and others. In short, we are big-data, software experts. The Resolute technology team includes highly skilled software developers, energy engineers, system integrators and analytics experts. This unique blend of talent comprises the core competencies, skills and experience needed to build an innovative and intuitive analytics solution powerful enough to competently address today’s building-performance challenges while helping you take your business to the next level.


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