Resolute Synergy and Fusion


Two apps working seamlessly as one

Connect. Configure. Use.

All in a single day

Immediate Value
Building Configuration

Used to connect buildings to the Resolute Cloud™ and to configure these buildings to capture the correct data in the correct formats to ensure the best analytics results.

Ready-to-Use Analytics

Analytics & Reporting

Used after the integration process to access analytical insights, charts, reports, scorecards, and action items related to equipment performance and energy usage.

Redefining how building performance is done 

We take security as seriously as you do

Resolute is SOC-2 compliant—the gold standard of data security.

CIOs & Cybersecurity Team

Connect quickly and begin pulling data immediately


Integrate in hours instead of weeks or months


Access analytical insights and see results by day's end

Direct Cloud-to-Cloud Connection

Automated Configuration

Pre-defined Analytics Rules Library

On-demand Performance Reports

Deep-dive Energy Analytics

Real-time Fault Detection & Alerts

Root-cause Analysis & Solutions

Prioritized Action Items & Tracking

Become indispensable
with Resolute®

Deliver levels of customer value you probably never thought possible.