• Chris Hallendy

Shovel Ready

I may have been accused of 'shoveling' once or twice but lately I am intrigued at the use of 'shovel-ready'. The term originated in the United States and although it's debated who first used the phrase, it is generally about projects which have immediate value. Considering the government’s objective to accelerate building decarbonization, we need to prioritize the deployment of practical technology that has a fast ROI to meet these goals.

The Department of Energy, through its Better Buildings Initiative, is providing leadership, funding, and solutions to meet the aggressive goals of building energy efficiency. This requires a coordinated investment in technology between government and industry and it will be interesting to see if we can get out of each other’s way in achieving success.

One announcement last week from the Department of Energy was DOE's National Roadmap for Grid-interactive Efficient Buildings which lays out a plan to support distributed energy resources with an energy-efficient power grid. This ambitious initiative is part of the DOE's overall plan in supporting energy savings and reduction of the carbon footprint of the buildings sector.

The key to the success of these initiatives is the deployment of technology which can quickly be implemented, collecting real-time-series data to the cloud for analysis and action. There's no need to wait, this technology exists!

So, embrace the vision, plan for success, roll up your sleeves and begin shoveling!

We are Shovel-Ready.

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