KMC Commander

The Internet of Things is here. KMC Commander™ is an IoT platform designed to help businesses affordably solve immediate problems while providing a long-term solution for their IoT strategy.

KMC Commander helps to optimize energy usage, increase operational efficiency, maximize occupant comfort, and ensure a safe environment. By utilizing common protocols for sensors, devices, controllers, and building systems, KMC Commander™ collects data using an on-premise gateway and sends that data to the cloud. It then tracks, trends, and triggers that data based on user preferences, all while making the data available on any device with an Internet connection. It does all this securely while providing an optimized, open platform on which to build.

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KMC Commander IoT & Automation Platform


Track, trend, and trigger IoT data
Easily set up alarms and notifications
Cloud service powered by AWS
Over a dozen built-in cybersecurity features
Set up internal and external users with different permissions
Multiple device protocols supported
Cellular capability available
Open API
Simple, clean, responsive HTML5 interface
KMC CommanderTM is built on the Dell® Edge Gateway series with Intel® Inside