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We would like to congratulate our parent company, MadDog Technology®, on winning Detroit Free Press Top Work Places 2017, 2018 & 2019!

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complete building performance solution

Resolute®  Enterprise

We have all the core components

Powerful Cloud Software

Building & Energy Engineering Services

Big Data, Analytics Expertise

Systems Integration support

Building Intelligence Optimization (BIO)

We understand that optimized building performance can only be achieved by first optimizing building intelligence, because only intelligent buildings can generate the type of data needed to make meaningful and measurable building and portfolio performance improvements. And the smarter your buildings are the more accurate and reliable is the data. Reliable, accurate data is the key. 

BIO, our unique, end-to-end building-performance approach, incorporates engineering expertise, powerful technology and proven best practices to optimize building intelligence and improve building performance across your entire portfolio.

"I was initally skeptical about savings and ROI projections associated with implementing the Resolute solution but, after seeing the results, I am now a believer."

Paula Goldman-Spinner

VP, Director of Commercial Property

One solution, value at every level

Business Executives

Data-driven confidence that key business assets—your buildings and portfolio—are optimized for performance, delivering maximum efficiency and ROI to help the business achieve its operating goals and objectives.

Portfolio Managers

Comprehensive operational visibility across the portfolio with the ability to compare facility performance and implement portfolio-wide best practices to effectively scale performance gains and maximize efficiencies.

Facility Teams

Real-time data and alerts, analytical insights, proven strategies and targeted actions to drive results, streamline operations, optimize performance and quantify the function's value.

Energy Managers

Visibility into actual real-time building energy use across the portfolio with the ability to track and adjust energy reduction efforts and easily share results with the C-suite.

CIOs & Cybersecurity Team

Absolute assurance that your building systems are secure against outside attacks and confidence in knowing that, if your corporate data is compromised from the outside, your building and its systems aren't at fault.

Building Occupants

Consistently comfortable conditions and the satisfaction knowing that the building they work in or visit is a highly efficient user of energy and part of the sustainability solution.

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with Resolute®

Deliver levels of customer value you probably never thought possible.