Resolute Helps McLaren Health Care Earn ASHE Energy to Care Award
McLaren Health Care

McLaren Health Care, headquartered in Grand Blanc, Michigan, is a fully integrated health network committed to quality evidence-based patient care and cost efficiency. One way McLaren helps manage costs while achieving its sustainability goals is by focusing on efficiently using energy across its network of facilities. Through these efforts, two McLaren facilities--Bay Region and Bay Special Care-- received prestigious ASHE Energy to Care Awards for 2018. The Energy to Care Awards honor health care facilities that reduce energy consumption by 10 percent in a single year or by 15 percent over two years. The following graphic shows Bay Region and Bay Special Care year-over-year (February 2017 vs. February 2018) energy reductions.

Resolute_ McLaren Case Study--ASHE Energ
Energy To Care

Energy to Care is a free energy benchmarking and awards program for health care facility management professionals who want to provide value back to their organizations through energy savings. It gives users the opportunity to compare their energy reduction efforts to those of similar nearby facilities and to challenge each other to greater achievements. By achieving greater energy savings, hospitals can free up resources to support the organization’s mission of providing patients with the best care. 

Bay Region


Bay Special Care


Road to Efficiency

In 2016, McLaren partnered with Resolute Building Intelligence to improve energy efficiency across its network of 11 hospitals. McLaren implemented Resolute's cloudbased solution across the portfolio to leverage the solution's powerful fault detection capabilities and advanced analytics to rapidly find and fix equipment and operational issues. The solution is also used to collect, trend and analyze electric, natural gas and domestic water utility data--along with real-time BAS data--critical in developing and implementing data-driven strategies that enhance facility operations and reduce energy consumption and costs.

Through their partnership with Resolute and its comprehensive energy management solution, McLaren's facility team has significantly improved energy efficiency across the entire portfolio, realizing nearly $890,000 in combined utility savings over the first.

"We are thrilled to win ASHE Energy to Care Awards for our Bay Region and Special Care facilities. Not only are the Awards great recognition for the team and all its hard work and dedication over the past couple of years, but it also helps validate our sustainability strategy, investments and direction. McLaren Health Care remains committed to reducing our carbon footprint and though we have made tremendous strides over a short period of time, we are eager to achieve even greater levels of energy efficiency because we understand the devastating impact inefficient energy use has on society and the planet as a whole."


Director of Operations
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Resolute has also helped McLaren achieve Energy Star Certification for its Bay Region and Oakland facilities with more McLaren facilities expected to achieve Certification over time as the project matures.