Helping REDICO Improve Equipment Performance Through Real-time Data and Visibility
Helping REDICO Improve Equipment Performance Through Real-time Data and Visibility

Built in 2006, One Kennedy Square is a relatively newer building with an open, BACnet, Tridium-based building management system. Despite winning BOMA and Energy Star awards (Energy Star Score of 82), the team at One Kennedy Square knew they could achieve even greater levels of efficiency if they had better visibility into operations and the ability to collect, trend and analyze key BAS and utility data.


Resolute implemented its cloud-based software solution, enabling REDICO to receive fault detection, advanced analytics and the ability to collect, trend and analyze electric, natural gas, and water utility data and existing BAS data to drive operational efficiencies.


  • Installed building-level electric, natural gas, and water meters, and electric submeters

  • on HVAC equipment to establish an industry-accepted, weather adjusted baseline by which savings can be accurately measured.

  • Identified terminal units (FPB’s and VAV’s) on many floors that were thought to have been included on the floor schedules but were never tied in.

  • Discovered that the cooling tower fans, fitted with variable frequency drives, were short cycling. Data indicated that the fans immediately reached 100% speed when turned on then would turn off to maintain set-point.

"The Resolute solution is critical in helping us understand the impact changes have on our systems and equipment and the ability to quickly find and fix issues."

Keith Krist

Lead Engineer, Facility Services


Through Resolute analytics and real-time data and alerts, the team:

  • Cloud solution that provides valuable insights into the performance, efficiency, and improvement of building equipment and operations.

  • $47,000 in initial annual utility cost savings  while maintaining tenant comfort. Electric savings: 6% overall (or 14% of HVAC and Common Areas).

  • Natural Gas savings: 24% overall.

  • Identification of failed programming sequences, controllers, and sensors,

  • serving as an indefinite retro-commissioning tool.


REDICO manages a portfolio of buildings in various regions across the US. Located in Detroit’s Central Business District, One Kennedy Square is a 250,000 sf., 10-floor multi-tenant office building. It contains 9,000 sf. of premier retail space with an underground parking structure. Winner of the prestigious BOMA Office Building of the Year (TOBY) Award, REDICO also received the National Real Estate A-LIST Award for Service Excellence.