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About us

Resolute is not a Building Automation System—technology that exists to sequence equipment and automatically turn it on and off. Our solution is far more powerful, unleashing the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart building technologies to optimize a building's intelligence and improve building performance. Our solution sits on top of your BAS—regardless of make, model or brand—and enables you to collect critical performance data across a highly diverse set of building systems and equipment.

Why we exist


Resolute Synergy™ and Resolute Fusion™ were designed from the ground-up to help building services professionals optimize the performance of their customers' facilities by rapidly and accurately transforming the massive amounts of incoherent performance data generated daily by building systems and equipment into real-time answers to real-world problems.


How we got here


Resolute was founded by tech-industry veterans with extensive experience developing big-data, cloud-based software solutions for large enterprise customers across multiple verticals such as real estate, banking, transportation, manufacturing and others. In short, we are big-data, software experts. The Resolute technology team includes highly skilled software developers, energy engineers, system integrators and analytics experts. This unique blend of talent comprises the core competencies, skills and experience needed to build an innovative and intuitive analytics solution powerful enough to competently address today's building-performance challenges while reducing the time, effort and cost of making that happen.


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The Team


34100 Woodward Avenue

Suite 230

Birmingham, MI 48009


Tel: 888-798-6699

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We would like to congratulate our parent company, MadDog Technology®, on winning Detroit Free Press Top Work Places 2017, 2018 & 2019!

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